piatok 29. apríla 2011

3 questions for Celine Dion

Now 43 and mother of three,Celine Dion is back
where many other fans probably think she belongs : in Las Vegas, performing
sold-out shows at Colosseum.
We asked about life in Vegas.

What's it like to be back in Vegas after four years ?
"In a way,it's more relaxed because there is less prove.
The world tour was amazing.
But René-Charles[her 10-year-oldson] is getting older.
He loves baseball,bowling and golf,and has his school and his friends.
So while I knew I'd be coming back,I also knew it would have to be as mother".

Is it a boring singing the same songs over and over ?
"It's not boring.
Because each time I sing a song,I look into the eyes of someone
in the audience and I see what that song means to them.
That never get old."

Your housband(and mamager René Angélil,69)say you never get out in Las Vegas
why not ?
"What if I go out to eat or shop,and then maybe because of the air conditioning
I get sick and have to cancel show?
Then people say,'I just saw her out,why is she canceling a show?'
And then things get bad."

štvrtok 28. apríla 2011

Celine Dion - Code 3 for a Cure 2011 Mission Has Concluded !!!!!!

The Code 3 for a Cure Foundation's Mission of Honor and Hope 2011
officially concluded on April 18 in Los Angeles.
The foundation,encouraged by Celine and other celebrites,embarked on a journey via
fire truck,travelling hundreds of miles across the U.S. and Canada to honor colleagues
who have lost their  battle against cancer,and to educate their peers.
The 2011 mission was prticularly difficult because the foundation lost one of its
members,Kevin Oldman,on March 11.

streda 27. apríla 2011

René - Director of Star Académie 2012 !!!!!

The popular Quebec television show Star Académie is returning
in February 2012,and we know the name of the new director!
Two years after his first experience as the head of the Académie,
René has agreed to once again assume the role of Director
and supervise the young contestants.
He will also be responsible for selecting the teachers.
There is no doubt that the candidates will benefit from René's many
years of experience in the music industry and learn from his passion
for his craft.

pondelok 25. apríla 2011

Celine Dion - Pure Brilliance - Celebrate the Woman in Your Life with Mother's Day

Celine Dion Pure Brilliance is an exhilarating fruity floral that opens
with a sparkling combination of Pear,Apple,Green Leaves and Freesia.
The scent's heart captures the artist femine charm with notes of Honey suckle and Muguet
while the base notes play to her elegance and sophistication.
Like a Celine's voice,the scent is magical.
From start to finish,every note of Pure Brilliance reflects apart of the singer's talents
and personality : Bright,Effervescent,Sensual and Alive

"On Mother's day,every mom should feel her most beautiful," says Celine Dion
"Pure Brilliance is a celebration of every woman's inner radiance and strength".Celine Dion

sobota 23. apríla 2011

Did you know ?

Celine's eldest son René-Charles has a cameo appearance in her
Las Vegas Show.
Watch for him on the screen,as young James Bond,at the beginning
of Celine medley of hits from famous Bond movies.
Will Celine have another enertainer in the family ?

štvrtok 21. apríla 2011

Celine Through the Eyes of the World on Nova Cinema 2

Great news fans living in Grecce !
The Nova Cinema 2 television network will air
"Celine Through the Eyes of the World"
on Sunday April 24 at 2:55pm.
Follow Celine and her family around the world during her
phenomenal Taking Chances World Tour.
This film also be rebroadcast Friday April 29 at 10:45am.

streda 20. apríla 2011

utorok 19. apríla 2011

Win a Trip to See Celine in Las Vegas

Celine is back on stage at the Colossem at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
and if you still don't have your ticket,then this contest organized by AEG Live,
could change that.
The fantastic prize offers you a chance to see Celine live on stage.
This includes two front row tickets for the June 12 show,
two nights stay at Caesars Palace and airfare for two.
This contest ends on April 22 at 11:59pm(ET)
and is open to residents of the United States
(excluding territories or possesions)
and Canada ,aged 21 and over.

Celine Dion & Charice - Because You Loved Me [Taking Chances World Tour]

Celine & Charice from Madison Square Garden

Teen Singing Sensation Charice Returns to "Glee"

Recording artist/actress Charice returns To Tuesday's
episode "Glee".
 Where She'll perform Celine Dion's "All By Myself".
The Filipinio singer-who shot to fame after her YouTube video
got noticed and promoted by Oprah Winfrey
and Ellen Degeneres-told a conference call for journalist on
Monday she's been singing the Celine hit "Forever" and "was really feeling it"
while singing it onstage for the show.

nedeľa 17. apríla 2011

How did Celine feel when she returned to the stage ?

Celine recently celebrated her 30 years in showbiz.
During these 30 years,she has performed in front of millions
of people,in all four corners of the world.
One would think that getting back on stage at Ceasars Palace,
would be a piece on cake,without any anxienty or pressure.
But that wasn't so !

nedeľa 10. apríla 2011

Celine on Choosing good friends - from the book "Exactly as I am" by Shaun Robinson

"Make sure choose good friends and that those friends tell you the truth.
It's very easy to say people,'You're beautiful and you're making the right choice,
'but it's very important to choose good people to tell you truth."
-Celine Dion,excerpt from the book "Exactly as I am"
by Shaun Robinson

pondelok 4. apríla 2011

Celine Dion avec Luc Plamondon - Nouvelle collaboration

Apres une séparation de pres de  20 ans,
Celine Dion et Luc Plamondon se retrouvent.
Il est en train de lui écrire de nouvelles chanson
en vue de son prochain album en francais attendu
cet automne.

Luc Plamondon assure qu'il n'a jamais été
<< en chicane>> avec la clan Dion-Angélil.
On se souviendra qu'apres avoir créé les
album Incognito(1987) et Dion chante Plamondon(1992),
le parolier québécois s'était vu remplacé par l'auteur
francais Jean-Jacques Goldman , qui avait créé,
en 1995, l'album D'eux ,devenu l'album le plus
vendu dans toute la francophonie.

Celine Dion At The ACMA 3.4.2011

Celine Dion At The ACMA pics 3.4.2011

nedeľa 3. apríla 2011

Celine Dion - Las Vegas bets on Celine Dion for its recovery

The hugely popular singer, who last played Caesars Palace three years
ago returns to a city fallen on hard times.

Celine Dion finally sings Ne Me Quitte Pas in concert

For years, Celine Dion would not perform "Ne Me Quitte Pas",
saying she wasn't ready for the revered song's heavy emotion's
She changed her mind for her new Las Vegas show,

The most poignant moment of Celine Dion's new show,
to many in the audience,almost didn't happend-and was
a tortuous 15 years in the making .

The production , which recently launched a three-year run
in Las Vegas , contains a number of revealing moments that Dion
said wouuld have left her feeling exposed in past years.
Chief among them is a French dirge called
"Ne Me Quitte Pas", a song so laden with sadness-and so revered-
that she was long convinced that couldn't pull it off.

Written by the late Belgian Jacques Brel,the song translates loosely to
"Don't Leave Me"- traditional english "If You Go Away"
and is sung from the perspective of a man who realizes, too late,that he is losing the love
of his life.

Happy Birthday !!!!!

Today is Celine's brother and sister,
Paul and Pauline's birthday .
Paul and Pauline are twins
and are the twelfth a thirteenth children
in Celine's family .

sobota 2. apríla 2011

Celine Dion at the Academy of Country Music Awards 3.4.2011 !!!!

Celine will be a presenter at the 46th Annual Academy of Country
Music Awards , hosted by Reba and Blake Shelton .
Watch for Celine during the ceremony ,
which will be broadcast live from
the MGM Grand Garden Arena
in Las Vegas on Sunday April 3. at 8pm [ET]
on the CBS Television Network .