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Celine Dion New English & French Album Info

 Celine confirmed during Her press conference she will release a French album in 2016 and an English album will be  in 2017. More news soon .

Celine Dion : Thank You For All Your Love Las Vegas August 27,2015

"Thank you for all your love.
Tonight was not a new day, tonight was not really a new show. 
Tonight was a new beginning. "

"Merci pour tout votre amour. 
Ce soir n'était pas un nouveau jour ou un nouveau spectacle. 
Ce soir était un nouveau commencement."

Show Celine Live in Las Vegas Opening Setlist August 27,2015

Opening Night Setlist
01. Introduction (I Drove All Night)
02. I Surrender
03. Where Does My Heart Beat Now
04. Because You Loved Me
05. Classics Medley (It's All Coming Back To Me Now/The Power Of Love)
06. Jazz Medley (Mr Paganini/Quand ça balance)
07. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
08. Beauty And The Beast
09. Immortality
10. All The Way
11. If I Can Dream
12. Acoustic Medley (A New Day Has Come/That's The Way It Is/I'm Alive)
13. Incredible
14. Interlude (Unison)
15. Glitter Medley (Love Can Move Mountains/River Deep, Mountain High)
16. All By Myself
17. The Show Must Go On
18. Interlude (Uptown Funk and Soul Medley)
19. Prince Medley (Kiss/Purple Rain)
20. My Heart Will Go On
21. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Celine Dion Returns To Caesars Palace Residency August 27,2015

Celine Dion Returns To Caesars Palace Residency August 27,2015

14 citations Celine before going on stage

LAS VEGAS - After months of waiting for her admirers from around the world, this Thursday night Celine Dion is back on stage in Las Vegas.

"I think at the beginning of my relationship with René, I tried to impress and I fell in love with him. [...] I became his favorite singer. "

"It's a return is a new beginning, it is the continuation of the book of our lives."

"We take risks, we take chances, but if you never take, you can not change."

"After thirty years in the music, the goal is to be the best from yourself."

"My passion is still there, but even more my love for my three children and my husband."

"It's trying to please the fans, have fun for yourself. It makes music, happiness is therapeutic. "

"Sometimes I should be demolished and I find a strength that lifts me up. I'm not above anything. I try to stay connected. "

"I do not think I need to sell you something, it's not the goal. I do not prepare myself mentally, it is primarily emotional. "

"I feel my little knees and vibrating with the heels it's even worse."

"Tonight is a very important moment in my career, thank you."

"Singing is my home, this is a comforting place where I spent over thirty years of my life."

"You can have talent, but there is something more important is to be passionate. Tonight is not the talent is passion. "

"I try to show my kids with the disease, we can not cry constantly and talk about this disease."

Celine Dion Returns To Caesars Palace Residency August 27,2015

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Celine Dion : Tonight is the night!

Last minute fine-tuning before tonight’s show... /
Dernière mise au point avant le spectacle de ce soir…

(Team Celine / Équipe Céline)

René Angélil will not be at Celine Dion's Vegas Première

René Angélil will not be at the première of Celine Dion’s show in Las Vegas Thursday night.

Aldo Giampaolo, CEO of Feeling Productions, the company that manages Dion’s career, said Thursday that Dion’s husband and manager will watch the show live via video at their Vegas home.

Angélil has been battling throat cancer for years.

“There is already a (video) set up at their home,” Giampaolo said. “So he saw the rehearsals. And I think that’s what we’re going to do, rather than bring him here. He had treatments and he is in recuperation mode. The treatment is finished, but it’s going to take the time it takes for him to get back his energy. If he comes, everyone will want to talk to him. So it’s much better if he stays home and gets back in shape.”

Angélil was treated at several Boston hospitals in recent months.

Dion begins a new run of shows at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace Thursday, with 40 performances booked there through Jan. 17. She had taken a year-long hiatus from the Caesars residency to be with her ailing husband.

Celine Dion : Tonight is the night!

Tonight is the night!
Celine will take the stage at the Colosseum in less than 9 hours! /
Ce soir est le grand soir!
Céline sera de retour sur les planches du Colosseum dans moins de 9 heures!
(Team Celine / Équipe Céline)

A New Day Has Come as Celine Dion returns to Las Vegas August 27,2015

LAS VEGAS — Some are surprised that Céline Dion is returning to the stage in Las Vegas while her husband and manager, René Angélil, is gravely ill.

But not veteran Celine watchers. If there was ever anyone who personified the entertainment adage “The Show Must Go On,” it’s notre Celine nationale.

Dion is set to return to the Colosseum at Caesars Palace Thursday night to kick-start another lengthy, sure-to-be-blockbuster run at one of the most famous venues on the Strip.

This week, she said she was coming back to the stage because Angélil wanted her to.

Thursday will surely be an emotional night for Dion. It’s not certain if Angélil will be at the theatre; that decision will be made during the day Thursday, according to Denis Savage, the show’s director of operations.
But while it won’t be surprising if Dion sheds a tear onstage on opening night, it will not be a sad soirée, stressed Savage, who has worked with the singer for 28 years.

“We’re doing a Celine show,” he said in an interview in an empty Colosseum Wednesday morning. “Obviously when you have a good friend that’s sick, it’s not an easy thing. But we’re putting a show together and we’re working hard on it. Céline is doing great.”

Angélil has been battling throat cancer for years, and last August Dion suspended all of her touring activity, including the shows at Caesars, to care for her husband. But in March she announced — to the delight of her fans — that she would be returning, and she has 40 performances scheduled so far at the Colosseum, from Thursday to January 17,2016.

It appears her fans wholly support Dion’s decision to get back to work even though Angélil is still ailing.

“It’s probably pretty hard for her to do that,” said Jacqueline Stapleman, a woman from Tigard, Ore., with Québécois roots, who was browsing the merchandise at the Celine boutique beside the Colosseum earlier this week. “I heard that it was his wish for her to come back to do what she loves to do. That’s her passion.”

“I’m impressed that she’s starting the shows again even though her husband is so sick,” added Katharina Traurig, a 15-year-old fan from the Bavarian city of Rosenheim in Germany, who has come to Vegas to see her idol. “I think it’s also great that René wants her to continue her shows.”

Dion’s show — simply titled Celine — remains one of the hottest tickets in Vegas. Opening night is sold out, as is the second show of the run on Saturday. Ticket prices range from $55 to $500.

The French song tonight will be a surprise. Yves Aucoin gave us a hint: It won't be one of her songs. And she has sung it only once before. Any guesses?

Celine Dion : Marie-Andrée Poulin In Las Vegas TVA August 26,2015

Claudette Dion talk about the return of Celine in Las Vegas & the growing maturity of her little sister about Rene's cancer .

Do not miss it: Aldo Giampaolo press conference Celine manager at 9 am hour from Vegas therefore 12h, Quebec time! TVA12h LCN CelineDion new TVA
My summary of the day before the big return of Celine on stage at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, the TVA 22h!  TVA 22h! ‪#‎celinedion‬ ‪#‎tva‬ @tvanouvelles @atoulifestyle ‪#‎LeChateauStyle‬

Celine and Rene: The Farewell Ceremony

"She takes notes during her discussions with René during which he gives her the details of his
 funeral. "

When I read the interview Celine gave to USA Today, I could not help crying when I read this sentence.I did not see the superstar, glamor, millions, Vegas and its glitter. I just saw a woman who is preparing to say goodbye to the only love she has ever known. We will all die one day. One can get used to the idea. But how does one prepare for death of those we love? How does one speak frankly about the "great start" with the one that cherishes more than anything?

A Heartbreaking Interview

Celine was careful to specify the cameras from USA Today that she is living with the disease and old age René, thousands more people live on (and even worse) in the shadows, in the anonymity. "People from all live the same. You hear my story and my husband only because we are on TV, "she told the journalist Marco della Cava.

When Celine had told Good Morning America she fed René with his hit, some found it lacked modesty, she should keep a little discomfort, spare us the details. Today, she speaks openly about the last days of René, others accuse him to flaunt his privacy.

I find instead that Celine Dion dare approach the ultimate taboo: illness and death.

It is not beautiful the disease, is not elegant or sexy or glamorous. There are no sequins, "bling bling" or beautiful lighting to brighten the scene when your husband told you how he wants his own funeral taking place.

It's black, it's sad, it's heartbreaking, it is unfair and your mascara running down your cheeks.

By the way, I must admit that I was astonished to read some comments at the bottom of newspaper texts on this interview shock. There really are people who think that having millions in the bank makes death less scary, less terrifying?


In her show in Las Vegas, Celine sings "Ne me quitte pas", by Jacques Brel. An idea of René. Every evening when she sang, a camera was pointed at her and could be seen close-up the tears flow down her cheeks.

I don't know if Celine will sing again "Ne me quitte pas" on stage in Las Vegas, the new version of her show. But if that is the case, we can all guess who she think singing:

« Moi je t'offrirai
Des perles de pluie
Venues de pays
Où il ne pleut pas
Je creuserai la terre
Jusqu'après ma mort
Pour couvrir ton corps
D'or et de lumière
Je ferai un domaine
Où l'amour sera roi
Où l'amour sera loi
Ne me quitte pas... Ne me quitte pas... Ne me quitte pas.»

Celine Dion is on Instagram Now

Celine Dion is on Her new official Instagram profile .
You can follow her celinedionofficiel

Celine Dion in New Magazine La Semaine September 2015

The comeback of Celine Dion was eagerly awaited! It is August 27 that that moves and charm the public for so many years returns to its place in the spotlight at Caesars Palace. Do not miss our article on the great return of the star and the interview she gave to USA Today in which she confided to the fight of the man of her life, Rene.

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Celine: 'If you're alive, have a good day' USA TODAY August 26,2015

LAS VEGAS — In so many ways, Celine Dion is not like you and me.

She's been famous since she was a teenager. She's ascended into that one-name moniker realm of Madonna and Elvis. She's sold 220 million albums and has amassed an estimated $630 million net worth, according to research firm Wealth-X.

And yet in one profound and inescapable way, she's as human as the rest of us.

As her husband and former manager, René Angélil, 73, battles with a recurrence of throat cancer, Dion, 47, faces a prospect familiar to all those losing a loved one — how to pick up the pieces and forge ahead.

"Last year has been very tough," Dion tells USA TODAY a few days before the Thursday night opening of her revamped Las Vegas show, Celine. "You get to hear my story and my husband's story because we're on TV. But people go through these things, even worse, every day."

In a candid conversation, Dion expresses her thanks to fans ("The prayers, the support, the e-mails, the letters, it plays a big role"), her love of performing ("This is going to help René 100% and me 100%, I'm doing it for him") and the restorative love of her children ("I always say to René, 'When you go, you don't go, I see you through them every day' ").

After undergoing treatments in Boston, Angélil recently moved back to the family's compound in Las Vegas, which has served as home base during Dion's record-setting residencies at Caesars Palace's Colosseum.

This new run, which tweaks Dion's existing show, has the Canadian singer performing into 2016.

he show's opening montage features contest winners singing along to "I Drove All Night". She will revive her duets with holograms, this time featuring a few Las Vegas legends. And she will introduce an Unplugged-style performance of "A New Day Has Come" and a few other songs with just a few musicians sitting on stools near the front row.

Initially, Dion had reservations about singing more uptempo numbers, such as "River Deep Mountain High".

"When I decided to stop the show (a year ago) because René wasn't feeling well, it was because here I was shaking my butt every night, singing 'Everybody dance now,' and I wasn't feeling good about that. … But he wants me there." She laughs. "He doesn't fit into my dress, but believe me, René is with me on that stage."

Returning to Vegas has revived Dion's routine of mixing the demands of show business with the responsibilities of a wife and mother.

This time around, however, Dion appears to be at least trying to simplify as she prepares for life without her longtime significant other. The couple has put a palatial $63 million estate in Palm Beach up for sale, Dion's equivalent of downsizing. "My feeling is if you don't use it, you lose it," she says of the five-acre estate whose price was reduced by $10 million last year.

At home here in the desert, Dion's days include providing sustenance for Angélil, who is on a feeding tube, with the assistance of her 4-year-old twins, Nelson and Eddy. The couple's eldest, René-Charles, has had a more difficult time with Angélil's decline.

"Sometimes he wants me to go with him into René's room — it's just hard for him to see his father like that," Dion says. "He's 14 and a half, but he's becoming the man of my life, even though that a difficult responsibility to put on any child."
To keep René-Charles upbeat, she encourages his passion for golf and hockey, both of which he plays daily when not being homeschooled. While she doesn't yet let him go on sleepovers ("I'd really have to know the parents well first"), she encourages his friends to crash at their place.

"When I see my house with these kids sprawled out on mattresses, with their stinky hockey smell and the dryers drying their equipment, the video games going, the open bags of chips, it makes me happy," she says.

Dion pauses. "René has been my security, my dream-maker. He always wanted me to have everything I ever wanted, even the things I didn't know I wanted. But the children, that was the biggest thing."

She is certain that when Angélil's time does come, she will have her dark moments. But overriding that desire is a personal philosophy that chooses the light.

"It's important to open your eyes in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror and ask two questions: Are you dead, or do you have a ticket to ride?" she says.

"There are just two tickets. If you're alive, have a good day. Because today is the most important day of your life."

Celine Dion In Las Vegas August 27,2015

For Celine’s return to the stage of the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, stylist Annie Horth knocked on the doors of the largest design houses in the world: Atelier Versace, Schiaparelli, Elie Saab, Mugler and Zuhair Murad. - Team Celine

Celine Dion in Interview with Marco della Cava for USA TODAY Pt.2 August 26,2015

Celine on her husband, new show: ‘I’m doing it for him'
Celine Dion tells USA TODAY’s Marco della Cava about her new show at Caesars Palace opening this week and its importance to her and her ailing husband René Angélil. USA TODAY

Celine Dion in Las Vegas Rehearsal : Marco della Cava USA TODAY August 2015

Here's @celinedion in a bare bones rehearsal before her Aug 27 #LasVegas return: @usatodaylife 

Part Two of @usatodaylife exclusive interview (with Video) of @celinedion coming soon. Stay tuned. #Celine #LasVegas - Marco della Cava