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Celine Dion:Press conference in Riviera Beach, Florida to present Celine new album "Loved Me Back To Life" 30.9.2013

 Celine Dion with journalist from Belgium
Celine Dion with journalist Nadia Neo

New Album : Celine Dion receives journalists worldwide

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Celine Dion is an international mega star and this status allows it to attract the international press in Florida this week as part of a promotional campaign unprecedented for the output in a month , her new album in English.

This Monday is the TVA News reporter Marie-Andrée Poulin, who was talking with the Quebecois singer to launch on November 5, album "Loved Me Back to Life", also the title of the first single.

Interview on TVA - like those of other TVs in the world - Will not be shown to viewers before the publication of the first English album Celine six years.

Joann Kaeding, Sony Music International, confirmed to TVA News that it is "the first time such a" junket "is organized on an international scale."

And for good reason: a hundred journalists from 14 countries (including Canada, South Africa, Poland, Japan, Australia, Germany and Spain) are this week's meeting Celine Dion, which is suitable for three intense days of promotion: all began Monday with television and the show connects with radio Tuesday and Thursday with the press.Some teams have 25 hours to return to chat with Celine for 10 minutes.

To froth "Loved Me Back to Life", 150 people worked on several days this week promotion, including press officers in Quebec and abroad, people from Sony Music, as well as those responsible for the sets and the room facilities.

The 21st floor of a hotel in Singer Island, Riviera Beach, Florida, has also been requisitioned all week by the Queen of Las Vegas. A room has been reserved for interviews with Celine, another for clothing changes and a third artist to Rene Angelil, husband and impresario of the greatest interpreter of the planet, which has sold 220 million copies its various albums over 30 years of career.

Monday mid-morning, Marie-Andrée Poulin attended an audiovisual projection including listening "Loved Me Back to Life", interviews with Celine - who spoke in particular of some songs - and moments sketched in the studio. The journalist received the official album cover with photos, titles and lyrics of 13 songs (the "deluxe" version will have two more). It is 17 pm the round of interviews was to begin Monday.


Celine Dion:Press conference in Riviera Beach, Florida to present Celine new album "Loved Me Back To Life" 30.9.2013

Celine Dion "Loved Me Back To Life" USB  
Tanya Lapointe & Herby Moreau,Marie-Andrée Poulin the press team from Montreal poses during the conference!

Press conference in Riviera Beach,Florida to present Celine new album "Loved Me Back To Life"

Which Celine Song Would You Like To Hear In A Movie?

Many Celine songs have been part of great movies such as “Because You Loved Me” from ‘Up Close & Personal’, “My Heart Will Go On” from ‘Titanic’ or “Unfinished Songs” from ‘Unfinished Song’ (Song for Marion). Which Celine song would make a great addition to a movie? Name the song and the movie.

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Celine Dion in Polish-French Magazine Français Présent October/December 2013

Celine Dion TV Special 'Les Beaux Dimanches Spécial Incognito' September 27, 1987


On September 27, 1987, Celine Dion appeared in the show 'Les Beaux Dimanches Spécial Incognito', a one-hour television special on the French Canadian channel Radio-Canada during the promotion of the album "Incognito". Celine performed with songs "Incognito", "Partout je te vois", "Lolita (Trop jeune pour aimer)", "Délivre-moi", "My Heart Belongs to Daddy", "Chattanooga Choo Choo", "On traverse un mirroir", "Jours de fièvre", "Seulement qu'une aventure","Comme un coeur froid". 

New “Loved Me Back To Life” Mix On BBC Radio 2!

Fans in the UK listen up! Don’t forget to tune in on Saturday between 11am-1pm (BST) for the first weekend play of the new mix of Celine’s single "Loved Me Back to Life" on BBC Radio 2! Pre-order ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ at The Boutique.

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Celine Dion Promenade des Célébrités, Walk of Fame (Quebec) 2002

On September 26, 2002, Celine unveils a star in her name in front of the forum Pepsi in Montréal, Quebec .

HEROES: CELINE DION [ V Magazine 2013]


Celine Dion is one of the few celebrities who are so famous and whose work is so ubiquitous that they literally require no introduction. Were you to ask her what she does for a living, the 45-year-old megastar would likely say that she is simply a singer, but the magnitude of her achievement—with over 200 million records sold, she is officially the best-selling female pop artist of all time—makes it hard not to see her as superhuman. 

“Even if it were to stop now, I don’t think I’d have anything left to prove,” she says of her career. “That’s actually kind of liberating. I have a wonderful family and a good life. I feel like I’m having more fun now than I have ever had.”

Calling from Las Vegas—where she has just wrapped a long run of dates performing her acclaimed show, Celine—the remarkably chatty entertainer seems both relaxed and incredibly happy, and with good reason. In the history of Vegas, only Elvis’s shows have been more successful. Though her 2003 move to the city was seen by some as weird—“They said the Titanic was going to sink again,” she recalls—it has proven to be one of the savviest decisions of her career. 

“I’m extremely lucky,” she says. “To be able to perform at this level and still go home to my family every night, it’s really rare. I have the best of both worlds. Performing in Vegas gave me the opportunity to give the best of myself, both as a performer and a mother.”

This fall Dion will release her first English language recording in over six years, a prospect that she finds both exciting and a little bit daunting. Given how radically the landscape of pop music has shifted over the past decade, even the woman routinely touted as the world’s greatest living singer has had trouble finding her place among the Gagas and Beyoncés. The new album, which features songwriting contributions from the likes of Sia and Ne-Yo, as well as a duet with Stevie Wonder, manages the tricky feat of contemporizing Dion’s sound while staying true to what she does best—affirmational pop epics and stadium-size balladry. 

“The hardest thing after being in the business for so long is to keep things fresh,” says Dion. “I can’t kid myself. When people come to see me they want to hear the theme song for Titanic, they want to hear “The Power of Love,” and so I’m gonna sing them. Still, I can’t record the same songs again. So what am I gonna do, sing “Because You Love Me” ackwards? Start singing Rihanna’s rejects? No one wants to hear that. Working with these great young songwriters makes me feel like a new artist all over again.”

Despite her unparalleled fame, Dion is unpretentious, even (refreshingly) goofy. One gets the impression she’d much rather be discussing the perks of living in Las Vegas (shopping), her fantasy collaborations (Freddie Mercury!), and the pleasure of eating her mother’s grilled cheese sandwiches, back home in Canada, rather than record sales or the entertainment industry. 

“I just hope my kids think I’m as iconic as possible,” she says, laughing. “I don’t really care what the industry thinks of me. I just want to respect the music and do a good job. If I can be remembered as a good mother and grandmother and sister and daughter—as a kind person—then that is fine with me.”



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Celine Dion & Roddy Chong Virtuoso Violinist and Keynote Speaker Las Vegas 2013

"CÉLINE DION: When I had nothing and I was depressed, I came upon a beautiful, passionate song on the radio. I was powerfully moved. A deep convicting thought came to me that I would play that song with that girl who sang so beautifully. Eventually, Céline gave me the chance to tour with her and I'm forever grateful. Thank you Céline for changing my life! You are the BEST!"

Interview with Celine Dion on TF1 2013

Six years after album"Taking chances", Celine Dion is back with a new album in English entitled "Loved Me Back To Life." Canadian diva will soon be the guest of 20H TF1 from Florida. On this occasion, it will meet the surfers MYTF1 News. Ask your questions now.

Celine Dion is preparing a comeback with a new English album, called"Loved Me Back To Life". Teams TF1 will soon go to meet in Miami diva Quebec. The singer with five Grammy Award and multiple platinum will respond to a selection of your questions during the meeting. MYTF1 News invite you now to ask your questions in this article.

The diva, still contract with Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the show will be in France at the Palais Omnisport de Paris-Bercy, from 25 November. The six initially scheduled concerts in Paris were quickly sold out. A seventh time on December 5, has been added.

A duet with Stevie Wonder

In 2007, Celine Dion had released an album in English,"Taking chances", and a French album, "D'elles". According to her record, "Loved Me Back To Life", her eleventh album in English, will be released on November 5th, barely a year after its cardboard disc French,"Sans attendre". An album that had risen ahead of CD sales in France in 2012.

"Loved Me Back To Life" is the first single from the album of the same name, has been unveiled . This piece was written by Sia, the Australian singer who performed a duet with David Guetta Titanium title .Celine Dion has worked with many artists , including British Eg White , who worked with Adele , Ne- Yo or Diane Warren . In addition, the Canadian singer will perform two songs as a duo, including one with the king of soul Stevie Wonder .

Celine Dion News : "Loved Me Back To Life"

The song 'Save Your Soul', composed and produced by Danny Mercer, will have as featuring the young rapper Malcolm Kelley of MKTO. Many of you will remember the boy for his interpretation of Walt on "Lost".

Celine Dion - Making of "Loved Me Back to Life"

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Celine’s recording session for her new single “Loved Me Back To Life” from her upcoming album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’, available for pre-order at The Boutique.

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Join Flash Flood for Good

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Celine Dion On The Second Season Of Accès illimité on TVA 2013

Quebec television show Accès illimité with Anouk Meunier & Jean-Philippe Dion , which airs on the TVA network, announced some of the guests who will appear on their upcoming second season and Celine will be one of them! The show’s team followed Celine for several days during her ‘Celine… une seule fois’ concert on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. Stay tuned for broadcast date of the episode dedicated to Celine.

Celine Dion with Bernard Hébert MusiCan Teacher of the Year Award 2007

On behalf of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS), Executive Director of MusiCan, Srinka Wallia announced that Bernard Hébert is the recipient of this year's MusiCan Teacher of the Year Award. Hébert is the music teacher at Polyvalente Nicolas-Gatineau High School in Gatineau, Quebec.As a special surprise Hébert and his wife were flown to Las Vegas earlier in the week too meet with international recording star, Qubec native and Artist sponsor of this year's Award, Celine Dion who betowed the Teacher of the Year honours on Monsieur Hébert. "I am delighted to present this prestigeous award to Mr Hébert," commented Celine Dion. "His dedication and contribution to enrich his students' lives with music, is making our world a much better place."

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Celine Dion - Ils s'aiment Live 1987

Ils s'aiment

Ils s'aiment comme avant
Avant les menaces et les grands tourments
Ils s'aiment tout hésitants
Découvrant l'amour et découvrant le temps
Y'a quelqu'un qui se moque
J'entends quelqu'un qui se moque
Se moque de moi, se moque de qui?

Ils s'aiment comme des enfants
Amour plein d'espoir impatient
Et malgré les regards
Remplis de désespoir
Malgré les statistiques
Ils s'aiment comme des enfants

Enfants de la bombe
Des catastrophes
De la menace qui gronde
Enfants du cynisme
Armés jusqu'aux dents

Ils s'aiment comme des enfants
Comme avant le menaces et les grands tourments
Et si tout doit sauter,
S'écrouler sous nos pieds
Laissons-les, laissons-les, laissons-les
Laissons-les s'aimer

Et si tout doit sauter
S'écrouler sous nos pieds
Laissons-les, laissons-les
Laissons-les s'aimer

Enfants de la bombe
Des catastrophes
De la menace qui gronde
Enfants du cynisme
Armés jusqu'aux dents

Ils s'aiment comme avant
Avant les menaces et les grands tourments
Ils s'aiment comme avant

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Celine Dion - Where Does My Heart Beat Now (Jay Lenno Tonight Show September 21,1990)

On September 21,1990, Celine Dion participated for the very first time on american television in Jay Leno's Tonight Show.Celine performed with the song "Where Does My Heart Beat Now" from her first English album "Unison".

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Celine Dion on Larry King Now ORA Tv 19.9.2013

She's one of the most recognizable and successful pop acts of all time - 220 million worldwide records! I couldn't have been more excited to interview Celine Dion. Her new album "Loved Me Back To Life" is due soon, she's a mother of three, she's signed in Vegas until 2019.

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Celine Dion in New La Semaine Magazine 27,September 2013

This week, find your magazine in an excerpt from the interview that Celine Dion has given to Ellen Degeneres. "Rene and I we always say, believe it or not, the best is yet to come." Read on page 16!

Celine Dion Returns to the Spotlight [Larry King Now 19.9.2013]

A musical superstar unlike any other, Celine Dion joins “Larry King Now” today to chat her new album, new single, her return to the spotlight and motherhood.

Larry wraps a great week of interviews with Celine, who talked about being able to live out what she believes she was born to do.

“I want to please,” said Dion. “I was born to do that, don’t forget. I love the spotlight.”

Dion’s new album, “Loved Me Back to Life,” will be available Nov. 5, but the single, also titled “Loved Me Back to Life” is out now, and of course, Celine is talking all the facets of her life today, only on an all-new “Larry King Now.”

“As a mother, I’m a singer; as a singer I’m a mother,” said the mother of three. “My children know exactly what I do.” 

The entire interview with the great Celine Dion will be available at 5 pm ET on Ora TV & Hulu.