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On This Day

On this day, in 2012, Celine performed in Jamaica for the very first time. She headlined the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival held in Trelawny-Montego Bay and sang to a crowd of more than 20,000 people. Celine performed some of her biggest hits and sang “Treat Her Like A Lady”, in duet with Diana King. The song is found on her ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ album.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day To The Sound Of Celine

Valentine’s Day is less than three weeks away! Tell your sweetie how much you care with Celine’s music. May we suggest ‘My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection’ for the occasion? This wonderful compilation of some of Celine’s biggest hits will help you express exactly how you feel. Of course, you can also select your soundtrack of choice from her many other albums such as ‘The Colour of My Love’, ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ or the most recent ‘Loved Me Back To Life’. Don’t leave it for the last minute; visit The Boutique today!

Celine Dion & Ne-Yo during Shooting new video for song/duet "Incredible"January 24,2014

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Celine Dion in People Studio Magazine October-December 2013

Model Alena Savostikova said about working with Celine Dion (New music video with Ne-Yo "Incredible")

"Had so much fun working on the Celine Dion music video yesterday with a giraffe! Bummed I am not allowed to post photos, but I think you guys will be blown away when the video comes out and you see how it all comes together!
Time to rest for now, bc I have a busy week ahead of me! #grateful" - Alena Savostikova

Celine Dion in New Télé Loisirs Magazine France February 2014

For the French Fans, whose collection is incomplete, from 3 February and for 20 weeks, the TV magazine Télé Loisirs will be joined against a small fee, a bestseller in the career of Celine Dion.

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