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Celine Dion: ‘The past year has been a tough road … my future is starting today’

Team Celine Dion and her worldwide fans have shot down a tabloid story that reported her first romance after the death of her husband and manager, Rene Angelil, a year ago. The headlines linking her with close family friend, fellow Canadian and producer David Foster were denied and even ridiculed as “fake news.”

David, 67, is reportedly dating former supermodel Christie Brinkley after his recent divorce from Yolanda Hadid. Celine, 48, and David have been friends and worked with each other for 25 years.

Here are photos of their first record album he produced and when they embraced at Celine’s Celebration of Life tribute to Rene at Caesars Palace last February after he played Rene’s favorite song, “The Color of My Love,” on piano. 

Las Vegas regular David said: “He was a kind and gentle man. How did he know to be just right in every situation? How did he know how to navigate the treacherous water of the music business? Where did he learn how to treat everyone with kindness and equality?

“How did he learn how to create and maintain a global career? How did he learn not just sympathy, but empathy? I’m sure there’s probably a kinder, gentler person on the planet other than Rene, but I have never met him.”

I saw Celine’s 1,017th show Friday night at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace and was impressed with the awesome power of her voice. She sounds better than ever. It is beyond thrilling. She’s the loosest, most comfortably relaxed I’ve ever seen her bantering with the sold-out audience and her band and backup singers.

There are small changes to lighting and video and drop-in lighting effects. Her opening dress is different, as well, and her hair has grown out and is a little lighter. Tickets are on sale through June 3 before she embarks on her European tour.

Celine returns for dates at The Colosseum after the tour at the end of the year, but those dates will be announced and go on sale likely in the next couple of months. Her team tells me that the current contract is for Celine to remain at Caesars through 2019, although many predict that it will be extended.

I was invited Saturday night to tag along just before midnight on a rare shopping trip with Celine as she visited Carnevale Art Gallery at Caesars in support of her backup vocalist Barnev Valsaint exhibiting his first collection of photos taken when they were on tour in Europe last summer.

Celine arrived in purple pajamas, neon sneakers and faux fur coat. You can read our full conversation here and in Friday Neon of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. After buying one of Barnev’s black-and-white photos, she reflected, “With everything that’s been going on in my life in the last year, it’s been a tough road.

“But, luckily for me, I have had pillars supporting my soul, my heart, my tears, my strength, giving me strength, supporting me through the tough days. I felt so strong about his picture with the pillars. I felt steady, I felt that I was embraced, I felt safe. I felt protected, and at the same time I did not feel that it was enclosed in a box.

“I still have avenues, and my future is starting today. It was as if everything turned out to be in this picture was for me, even the lights when you go through darkness in your life. Everybody does, and you have to stay strong.

“You know when you say there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel? Well, if you look in there, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It didn’t take me three days to look at the picture. It took me 20 seconds to see that all this was for me: The avenues, the future, these are angels, this is life.

“I am protected by the people who love me for real, and this is my path, this is the road, and this is the light at the tunnel, and it’s very, very positive. That whole picture for me is positive, and that’s why I bought that picture.

“That’s why it means a lot to me, and that’s why I came tonight to support not just an artist who is singing, but an artist who sees things and has the passion of bringing things to light that we take for granted.”

Celine has signed on as a mentor on Gwen Stefani’s team on NBC “The Voice” premiering Feb. 27. Celine also will honor The Bee Gees in a Grammy salute Valentine’s Day that celebrates the 40th anniversary of “Saturday Night Fever,” which features six Bee Gees songs. The show will be recorded to air on CBS this year.

Celine has signed on with John Legend, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato to salute The Bee Gees. The concert at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles is two days after the 2017 Grammy Awards. Barry Gibb, the remaining member of the group’s three principal sibling members, is attending. Maurice Gibb died in 2003, and Robin Gibb died in 2012.

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Celine Dion Live Summer Tour 2017 !

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Celine Dion Live in Las Vegas February/April 2017

Céline Dion, one of the most immediately recognized, widely respected and successful performers in pop music history, returns to resume her Las Vegas show. Celine at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace is a glamorous show featuring Celine’s biggest hits directed by famed Grammy Awards producer Ken Ehrlich. 

Celine Dion Carnevale Gallery January 28,2017

Carnevale Gallery presented Barnev Valsaint's "French Collection" in limited editions of only (10) this last Saturday, January 28,2017. Surprise guest Céline Dion was on hand to share her feelings of Barnev's masterpiece "Steel Street". The audience listened intently as Celine demonstrated her "Power of Love" toward Barnev and her extended family in attendance. It was a wonderful evening for all. Celine resumes her performances at Caesars Palace this Tuesday, January 31,2017

Carnevale Gallery is currently showcasing (5) very special and highly collectible limited edition images of only (10) by performing and visual artist Barnev Valsaint​. Barnev is currently performing with Céline Dionn​ at Caesars Palace.​ Carnevale Gallery was very pleased to welcome Celine and band members last evening for a first hand look at Barnev's art work. The gallery was packed with art collectors and fans lined up outside the gallery to get a peak at Celine. A great night for Barnev and a great night for Carnevale Gallery and all in attendance.

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Celine Dion for FAENA September 2016

Esteban Faena Hotels, Residences, Theater and Art Centers
Special greetings to @ivialarcon. Coming soon @CelineDion at @Faena.
"Thank you @celinedion for presenting my award last night, it was surreal and unforgettable, 
I love you" - Sebastian Faena
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Faena A cultural epicenter in Miami Beach. #FaenaMiamiBeach #WhatComesFromTheHeart #UrbanAlchemy 

Show Celine Live in Las Vegas January 2017

Celine Dion Carnevale Gallery January 28,2017

Celine Dion visits art gallery for 1st time in her life at Carnevale Gallery in Caesars Palace to check out her singer Barnev photos. She buys a remarkable black and white photo she sees as pillars of strength with light at the end of the tunnel . Celine Dion goes midnight shopping out on the town in purple PJ's and a fur coat and we are invited along .

Barnev Valsaint

French Canadian vocalist, visual artist and writer/producer Barnev Valsaint has enjoyed stellar success throughout his career. With a #1 hit song in Canada entitled “Soul Pleureur” in 1997, then touring and eventually settling in Las Vegas to work as Celine Dion’s top backup vocalist. Barnev joined Celine in 1999. He is currently performing in her spectacular show to sold-out audiences at the 4,000 seat Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The show has entertained millions of fans so far.

While on tour this year with Celine Dion at Caesars Palace, Barnev met Carnevale Gallery curator Tony Carnevale and the two discussed the gallery and the medium of fine art photography. Barnev was impressed with the gallery and Tony was impressed with Barnev’s art work. The rest is history.

With Barnev having grown up in the French speaking side of Montreal, Canada, the two decided to initially release some of Barnev’s work captured while on tour with Celine Dion in Paris, France. The collection entitled “The French Collection” begins with a limited edition offering of only (10) and features three highly collectible images.

Carnevale Gallery curator Tony Carnevale said “Having met Barnev I felt like I had known him all my life. His demeanor is so genuine and non-pretentious and his passion for fine art photography is contagious. When I saw his images, I knew immediately I had to work with him in some capacity. To be the first art gallery to showcase these highly collectible masterpieces is not only exciting but relevant”.

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Céline Dion experienced the ultimate heartbreak in 2016 after the loss of husband and manager René Angélil, who passed away in January after a long battle with cancer. After taking a short break from her eponymous residency at the Colosseum she was back onstage Feb. 23, starting out with a video tribute to Angélil and her rendition of “With One More Look at You”/”Watch Closely Now.” The medley, first sang by Barbra Streisand in 1976’s A Star Is Born, 

was a fitting tribute, as Angélil made Dion a star that would ascend to heights in the pop music firmament that few aside from Streisand had previously reached. Dion’s return to the stage and the chance to heal in the comfort of her fans seemed to re-energize her .

She went on to experience a triumphant year that culminated in the 1,000th performance of Céline on Oct. 9. In May, she released a cover of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On,” which would become the finale for her Colosseum shows, and was presented with the ICON Award at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards by her son René Charles. Dion spent the summer on tour, selling out nine shows in Paris before heading to Quebec and more sold-out concerts. The ingénue from a small suburb of Montreal was whetting appetites for Encore un soir, her first French-language album in four years.

Encore un soir was released Aug. 26 and debuted at No. 1 in France and Canada. By Sept. 20, she was back at Caesars with her 1,000th milestone looming. That Oct. 9 show opened with a video highlighting Dion’s more than 14 years of being arguably the top headliner on the Strip and closed with a shower of bronze and silver confetti and balloons. It’s a far different production now than when Dion debuted A New Day… in 2002 under the direction of former Cirque du Soleil visionary Franco Dragone. Céline takes a more personal than fantastical approach, with Grammy Awards director Ken Ehrlich—no stranger to directing Dion for television—at the helm and a full orchestra playing with the band.

The current set list spans her career and has all the hits, but it’s evolved quite a bit since she opened the initial 2011 performances of Céline with a video intro of “I Drove All Night” followed by a cover of Journey’s “Open Arms.” What exactly Dion has planned for the final week of winter shows remains to be seen, but her fall shows opened with “I Surrender” and included covers of “Beauty and the Beast,” “All By Myself” and a “Kiss/Purple Rain” medley. Her final 2016 performances closed with an encore of “My Heart Will Go On” followed by the Queen cover, a one-two punch of determination and resilience in the face of tragic circumstances.

By the looks of things, the show will go on as long as Dion wants it to. After Céline’s 1,000th show, 24 more dates from April 4 to June 3 were added to this year’s slate. In a career in which she’s sold 250 million albums and counting, earned five Grammys and two Academy Awards, won dozens of awards in Canada and was recognized by France with the country’s highest award, the Legion d’honneur, Dion shows no sign of slowing down.

Celine Dion Meet & Greet Las Vegas January 2017

Show Celine Live in Las Vegas January 2017

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Celine Dion & René Angelil & Walter Afanasieff with The Bee Gees 1997

Celine Dion & René Angelil & Walter Afanasieff  with The Bee Gees
"Bee Gees of my heart I fell in love with "Immortality" from the very first time I was presented with the song . You've written so many beautiful songs fot he world and I've been singing along with you for years . To have this wonderful opportunity to record with you , and to experience how much fun you are to be with is an everlasting souvenir that I will always cherish"- Celine Dion

Celine Dion TODAY SHOW NBC January 27, 2017

Very excited to join @gwenstefani on @NBCTheVoice as #TeamGwen’s advisor for Battles! #TheVoice -Céline

When Gwen Stefani returns to her red chair for Season 12 of "The Voice," she's bringing a special weapon in her battle against fellow coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levin and Alicia Keys. In fact, she's bringing the ultimate voice along as a mentor for her team: Céline Dion.
Welcome @celinedion to #TheVoice as #TeamGwen’s advisor this season! 👯

Celine Dion on GRAMMY Awards Salute The Bee Gees February 14,2017

Céline Dion, John Legend, Little Big Town, Keith Urban, Demi Lovato, and more are set to perform on “Stayin' Alive: A #GRAMMYSalute To The Music Of The #BeeGees" February 14,2017! Tickets here: 

Celine Dion TODAY SHOW NBC January 27, 2017

Very excited to join @gwenstefani on @NBCTheVoice as #TeamGwen’s advisor for Battles! #TheVoice -Céline
Je suis très heureuse de me joindre à #TeamGwen à titre de mentor pour @gwenstefani à @nbctheVoice! #TheVoice – Céline
Very excited to join GwenStefani on The Voice as #TeamGwen’s advisor for Battles! - Céline