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Celine Dion - La mer et l'enfant (Belgium Sportpaleis d'Anvers November 21, 2013)

Celine Dion - Je sais pas (Belgium Sportpaleis d'Anvers November 21, 2013)

Celine Dion - S'il suffisait d'aimer (Belgium Sportpaleis d'Anvers November 21, 2013)

Celine Dion triumph at Antwerp

Quebec singer has returned the Belgian scene for two nights at Sportpaleis Antwerp.

This is a mini-tour currently being carried Celine Dion. A total of nine concerts are scheduled, and it is in our country that made ​​the ground joints. "This is a small tour, because I really want to make me happy and I can not afford bigger," she has said there is a few days on TF 1.

For this concert, the Quebec diva gets her greatest hits all by placing a few new songs from her new albums "Sans attendre"(2012) & "Loved Me Back To Life"(2013).

During her visit to Antwerp, the star returned each evening to Paris to find her children. Escort waited at the end of the show to take her to Zaventem, which was chartered a private jet.

After Belgium, Céline tackles France 25, 26, 29, 30 November and 1, 4 and 5 December in Paris-Bercy.

Celine Dion :Reportage 19/20 November 24,2013 France 3

Celine Dion starts tonight a series of seven concerts in Bercy, after 5 years of absence on a French stage. Concerts, which are already been full opportunity for Quebec to discover on stage her 26th album, in English: "Loved Me Back to Life."

Celine Dion, 45 years: Her body? '' It's the most happy my husband!'

So it must give yeasterday Friday, November 22, 2013, the second concert of its European mini-tour, on the stage of the Palais des Sports of Antwerp in Belgium, Céline Dion enjoys success on stage and in stores since the output opus "Loved Me Back to Life", already certified platinum for 100,000 copies implemented in France.

This album, she talked with our colleagues from Closer, also referring to her marriage, her family and especially her famous hourglass figure admired by her friend Julie.

Too skinny, anorectic ... the gibes and other false rumors about the body Celine Dion did not fail to flow over the years. However, fans of the 45 year old diva assured, the singer is not sick or allergic to food.

"I would have loved to have a few more pounds, but I inherited my father's genes [Adhemar Dion, who died in 2003]. He was a lanky," said she wanted to explain. If she has no problem with her body, she said to be "happy", Celine Dion says it strongly appeals to one man in particular: Rene Angelil, her husband and manager must."I can tell you that the most happy, it's mostly my husband!" We can only take their word they are married since 1994, facing all the good and bad times.

Between Rene Angelil and Celine Dion, it's solid. This are unfailing marriage gave birth to three beautiful children: René-Charles (almost 13 years) and twins Nelson and Eddy (already been 3 years).So jealous and breakers torque can therefore go to hell."They fail to accept that we are always happy. (...) They look for problems where there are not," replied the star.To keep her marriage, Celine Dion trying to get away from show business she is not fond, avoiding excesses and temptations. This healthy lifestyle, supported by a "discipline", allows him today to have a career outside the norm and a loyal following.

Her audience, Celine Dion has it all and that is why she decided to temporarily leave Las Vegas, where she is in residence on the stage at Caesars Palace, to embark on a short tour during which she takes her old hits as well as songs from the album "Sans attendre" (released in November 2012 and expired at 700,000 copies in France) as well as "Loved Me Back to Life". And the fans do not worry: it obviously takes "My Heart Will Go On", even if she does not love ...

Celine Dion and Frank Sinatra Duet

Frank Sinatra’s ‘Duets’ album is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Did you know that Celine and Frank Sinatra recorded “All The Way” in duet? Find this track on the special edition of ‘Sinatra Best of Duets’, available everywhere in Canada and exclusively at Target in the USA!

Celine Dion in New Le Parisien November 25,2013

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Celine Dion - Dans un autre monde (Belgium Sportpaleis d'Anvers November 21, 2013)

With a very beautiful A-capela intro "Je ne vous oublie pas"

Celine To Appear On 1D Day

In support of their new album “Midnight Memories”, British group One Direction has organized 1D Day a seven-hour live broadcast to be streamed on YouTube and Google+. Many special guests, including Celine, will take part in 1D Day, which will air today between 7pm and 2am GMT.

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Celine Dion - Love Medley (Belgium Sportpaleis d'Anvers November 21, 2013)

Celine performance "It's All Coming Back To Me Know" & "The Power of Love"

Celine Dion Really do not Forgets Us

The superstar has launched its mini-tour with us Thursday night. In French, please.

Alala, it's good to attend a concert at any time, we would not dare to ask the question: "hey, it was the playback" with Celine Dion, we are in a dimension well above the majority of singers / vocalists in completely. Here Thursday evening and this will be the case this Friday and the following days in Paris - we live in the pure.

 In LA voice vibrates a whole room. Celine is still and always get away with anything, as this European mini-tour that goes with us (Sportpaleis Antwerp and Paris) just for the pleasure of singing in French, shows that its residents in Las Vegas not allow it. By dint of seeing shine internationally, we had almost forgotten the little Quebec had its French roots well anchored in the ground.It has therefore not private, as announced, to provide a directory to 80% in the language of Molière. And again, it's good to hear again on stage pieces that are humming there 15 years ("Terre" ,"Tout l'or des hommes","Je sais pas",...). If the most the crucial moment of the show remains the famous note on"All By Myself" - still raging and crowds still - if Celine is aptly expressed in French and English (with regard to the public came from the north. .. and beyond our borders), if three excerpts from her latest English album"Loved Me Back To Life"are logically integrated into the show (including the superb"Loved Me Back To Life", "At Seventeen", "Water and a Flame"), it is with titles such as "S'il suffisait d'aimer", "Pour que tu m'aimes encore"  song "Le miracle" (end of show) Celine conquers all hearts). Hearts that will not break leaving the scene too abruptly. No. She returned, alone on stage, a cappella, and even sings a few notes "Je ne vous oublie pas".

Celine Dion in Belgium Sportpaleis d'Anvers November 21, 2013

Celine Dion in Belgium Sportpaleis d'Anvers Tracklist November 21-22 2013

Celine Dion "Loved Me Back To Life" Deluxe Edition CD 2013

Celine collaborated with an exceptional team of songwriters and producers resulting in an absolutely amazing collection of songs. The album's pulsating, upbeat title-track will leave you wanting more. We are thrilled that Celine invited two very talented artists to join her on two fabulous duets: Ne-Yo on "Incredible' and Stevie Wonder on “Overjoyed”. Loved Me Back To Life, reconfirms Celine's status as a musical icon. This is an album to discover!
The Deluxe Edition includes two bonus tracks - "How Do You Keep The Music Playing" and "Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)” plus four collector postcards.

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Fresh New Photo Celine Dion in "Muppets Most Wanted" Disney Movie Spring 2014

 Celine Dion with Miss Piggy performing song"Something So Right" from the upcoming Disney movie "Muppets Most Wanted" out Spring 2014.

Join Celine And Help The Philippines !

Help Celine and Music for Relief raise funds to support relief efforts to the Philippines after the devastation from Typhoon Haiyan, possibly one of the strongest storms recorded in history. US fans can make a donation and win a chance to see Celine. Anyone who donates $32 or more will be entered to win two tickets and a meet and greet with Celine at any one of her Las Vegas shows.
Canadian residents can make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross through iTunes. 100% of the proceeds pass through to Red Cross Canada.
Join Celine and support this cause! The Philippines need your help


Celine Dion "Une seule fois" OnDIRECTV Latin America spot

Celine Dion's concert ("Celine...Une seule foi" Quebec City July 27, 2013) will be broadcasted on Nov. 29th on DirecTV Don't miss it! In Argentina at 21.00, in Chile at 21.00, in Colombia at 19.00, in Ecuador at 19.00, in Peru at 19.00 and in Venezuela at 19.30 Celine Dion DirecTV Productions J Québecor

Celebrate The Release of Celine Dion's New Album "Loved Me Back To Life"!

Celebrate the release of Celine Dion's new album "Loved Me Back To Life"! Upload a photo or video of someone or something that has loved you back to life on Instagram. Use the hashtag #YouLovedMeBackToLife. Get more details here: PictureMapCelineDion

Celine Dion Prize Draw on Amazon UK

Win a trip to see Celine Dion perform at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.
Prize draw closes at 23:59 GMT on November 19, 2013. 
Entrants must be UK residents aged 21 or over

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Celine Dion in MilanoWorld Luxury & Lifestyle Magazine November 2013

Celine Dion: the voice that has seduced the world

A new album, a hit show and many plans for the future, Celine Dion, one of the most extraordinary voices in pop music history, comes back in the spotlight with great style.

From shy small-town girl to successful music star, the career of Celine Dion seems to come right out of a classic fairy tales book, as well as her amazing voice. "At age of 11, I knew that if I wanted to be happy I had to sing " the singer said in a recent interview with Io Donna. Now, six years after the last English studio album, on November 5 comes out " Loved Me Back to Life ", the new CD of the Canadian Nightingale, ready to climb the charts around the world. Nothing easier for a woman used to break every record, in fact Celine Dion is known as the best selling female artist of all time with more than 220 million albums, 3 million are instead the tickets sold for her Las Vegas  show "a New Day ", figures which add to the 5 Grammy Awards and a plenty of other international prizes. 

These are just a few numbers relating to the career of an artist considered one of the most extraordinary voices in pop music history that returns in the spotlights with a cd full of surprises. The album in fact , produced by a team of exceptional writers and containing also duets with two special guests, Stevie Wonder in the song “Overjoyed” and Ne -Yo in “Incredible” has a fresh and modern style. Not only for the image of Celine, who shows an enviable physique and a super glamorous look, but also for the songs where the artist proves all her musical versatility. 

The powerful and clear voice, that we all know, alternates with a gruffer one, the classic ballads give way to more up-tempo melodies, choirs and refrains easy to remember. "The sound of Loved Me Back To Life still represents me, but in a new way. There are still the ballads, but with a younger sound. After 30 years of career, I'm not going to reinvent myself, but at the same time, I don’t even want to repeat". A perfect Christmas gift for everyone.

Autor: Mauro Caprioli
Fotograf: Alix Malka

Contest : Celine Dion in Belgium Sportpaleis d'Anvers.with StarTv November 2013

Celine Dion is back after 5 years in Belgium for two concerts! Star TV offers few places to attend the concert this Thursday, November 21 at 20:00 at the Antwerp Sportpaleis.

"I am delighted to return to Belgium. My family and I have always been well received. My last trip to Europe in November, on the occasion of promoting my latest album, was a real pleasure and I look forward to seeing my Belgian fans. This reunion will be amazing and I can not wait to share this moment with you,"says Celine Dion.

You have until 11:00 Thursday to share the message and sign the following form


Celine Dion in New Nous Deux Magazine Nov.19, 2013