sobota 4. marca 2017

Celine Dion Premiere Of Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' LA March 2,2017.

Celine Dion On Returning To Sing For Disney's Live-Action 'Beauty And The Beast'
At the "Beauty and the Beast" Hollywood premiere, Celine Dion talks with Access Hollywood's Liz Hernandez about returning to sing for the film 26 years after she sang for the original Disney animated classic. "Beauty and the Beast" is in theaters on March 17,2017.
When you have the opportunity to sing with @celinedion you take it!! See it on Access Hollywood! #BeautyAndTheBeast - Liz Hernandez
EXCLUSIVE: Celine Dion on Recording New 'Beauty and the Beast' Song: 'I Couldn't Say Yes Right Away'  🌹#BeautyAndTheBeast #BeOurGuest #celinedion
We're certain as the sun that @celinedion can always 🌹 #BeOurGuest if she'd like to sing for us 😉 Now on #ENews Late Night! 🎤  /E! News‏

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