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Meet Law Roach: The Stylist Behind Céline Dion, Ariana Grande, and Zendaya

You’ve been credited for transforming Céline Dion’s look.
Céline was following my work with Zendaya, and she was ready to switch stylists. We had a really informal meeting, and we had good energy, and she hired me. I went on tour with her this past summer—we had an amazing run in Paris where I switched up her style a little bit and introduced her to some brands that she hadn’t worn, like Vetements and Off-White, and she loved it! Fashion is supposed to be polarizing. Everybody’s not supposed to like everything you do. If that does happen, it’s boring for me.

How often are you in Vegas these days?
I love and adore Céline, but I’m not a big fan of Vegas. I’m here more than I’d like to be, to be honest, around three times a month for a couple of days at a time. We’re going to be introducing some new gowns into her show, so we’re working on that right now.

What do you do when you’re there?
I’ll have a nice meal—I went to Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill for brunch [recently], which was really good. I love chefs—I’m kind of a foodie—so if something’s opening up here I try to sneak off and try it. I also work, do a little shopping, whether it’s for Céline or for myself, and then I really just stay in my room. I don’t gamble, and I don’t drink or party a lot, and that’s why people come here—but not me!

What’s your favorite Céline song?
“My Heart Will Go On!” Isn’t that everybody’s favorite?

How’s your singing voice?
Horrible! [Laughs] When I’m around Céline she sings a lot, so I’ll start singing along. But then I’m like, why am I even trying to sing with Céline Dion?

What have you learned from Céline?
So many lessons, but definitely her work ethic and her grace. When I first got hired and told all my friends on a group chat, one of my friends was like, “What if she’s a diva?” I said, “If she is a diva, she’s Céline Dion and she deserves to be a diva.” When I went to that first fitting in Paris, we were there for six hours and when I left my whole face hurt from laughing. She’s so down-to-earth and funny—a real person—and I learned that no matter how successful you become, just remain true to who you are. If she’s even just five minutes late to something, she’s profusely apologetic about it. She has respect for other people’s time, and it’s just amazing to see a person at her level being that humble. I hope that my success continues to rise, and I’ll always take that with me—to be kind to people, say thank you to people, and do what your mother and father taught you to be a good person. I’d still love her if she were a diva, but the fact you get that bonus of her being such an amazing mother and human being…it makes it that much better.

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