piatok 21. apríla 2017

Celine Dion : AU CŒUR DU STADE DVD 1999

This 90-minute concert was recorded live at the famous Stade de France in Paris in June 1999. The DVD also includes exclusive footage from the making of ‘S’il suffisait d’aimer’ and ‘Let’s Talk About Love.’ It features an appearance by guest star Sir George Martin, and rarely seen footage of Barbra, Celine, David Foster, and the “Tell Him” lyricists chatting around the piano. The entire “Tell Him” video is also included on this disk.

The concerts are nearly canceled when René receives his first cancer diagnosis. Céline is torn between her professional obligations and her desire to remain at her husband’s side. Thanks to technology, the couple remains in direct contact with each other during both shows, and René watches live via the internet. The audience sees Céline use hand gestures to communicate moving messages of love to him. Even the audience joins in, waving posters that express words of love and encouragement for René.


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