streda 24. mája 2017

Céline And Her Audience Join Hands In Support Of The People of Manchester Las Vegas May 23,2017

“Come on, everybody, stand up, and you know what, raise your hands and join them to the person on either side of you, please” . “Let’s stand up for Manchester and show them that we care. We’re filming this and we’re going to send it across the ocean to those beautiful souls, so let’s do that. That’s it.” “They will be seeing you, they’re going to feel your love,” raising her arms above her head. “Thank you so much. That was beautiful.” - Celine Dion
#Manchester #PrayForManchester🙏 #Prayforthewholeworld
Céline et son public s'unissent en soutien aux gens de Manchester / Céline and her audience join hands in support of the people of Manchester -Team Céline #prayformanchester #Manchester

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