utorok 9. mája 2017


This is not one, but two different shows that Céline Dion will give in Europe next summer.
In contrast to her European summer tour of 2016, which was limited to Antwerp and Paris, she will sing this time in Summer 2017  Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, Arnhem, Manchester, Birmingham, Berlin and Glasgow, in addition to Bordeaux, Lille, Paris, Lyon, Berne, Marseille and Nice, from 15 June to 5 August 2017 .

"We're getting two shows, show a French and an English show, confirms Denis Savage, the tour director of  singer . If we want to serve our audience well, we are forced to put on two shows. "

Another difference with last year's show, which we saw in Quebec and in which we had incorporated songs from the album to appear "Encore un Soir", Céline Dion and her team have not yet decided whether her European fans  will hear excerpts from the new English album in  premiere . 

"We would like that, put songs from the upcoming album, but is it too early? This is the question everyone is asking. " Denis Savage

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