streda 4. apríla 2018

Celine Dion in New Paris Match April 5,2018

At 50 years old, Vegas star Céline Dion, who has become a fashion icon, has to undergo ear surgery.

Singing is her reason for living, and it does it pretty well: thirty-seven years of career, 240 million albums sold, 400,000 euros of cachet for a show night in Las Vegas ...The passage of time did not affect her passion and determination. Celine Dion should have celebrated her birthday microphone in hand. But for more than a year, the singer is suffering from a middle ear disorder. After several months of additional treatments, she chose to have surgery, even if she had to sacrifice her April concerts. Her fans are shaking, she wants reassuring: "Thank you for taking such a big place in my life since all these years," she wrote. A temporary eclipse to better return to the top.

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