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Things to know about Celine Dion’s concert in Indonesia 2018

One of the promoters, PK Entertainment, hinted that the stage would be extraordinary. “I can [only] give you the highlights, such as the stage's measurement of 300 meters,” said Peter Harjani, CEO of PK Entertainment, also noting that preparations for the concert were already 80 percent completed.

Around 200 lamps will be provided on stage to put the spotlight on Dion, with only 30 percent of them coming from Indonesia. “The rest are from abroad,” Peter said. “For sound, we need more than 100,000 or 150,000 watts. The concept can be seen from her previous performances, especially the ones in Las Vegas.”

Celine Dion is also said to bring 21 orchestra players with her on stage and a total crew of 60 people, including the musical director. There will be 200 security guards protecting the concert venue.

“We’re still discussing finalizing the security and number of guards,” Peter said. “We will provide a minimum of around 200 guards.” Said to have her own security, Celine Dion will bring five bodyguards to Indonesia. “[…] We will station four to five [people] to accompany her guards,” said Peter.

Several days ago, twelve countries issued travel warnings for their citizens in Indonesia following the terrorist attacks in East Java. But it would not affect the singer’s concert here. “So far there has been no problem in communicating with Dion’s management team,” said Harry, PK Entertainment's project and marketing director. “Everything is still on schedule.”

Dion’s private chef is planned to come with her too. The crooner of “Because You Loved Me” has requested to have a special area for her chef to cook in the hotel where she will stay. “The hotel has to prepare a special kitchen for the chef,” Peter said. “There are no special requests regarding her hotel room.”

For her backstage dressing room, Celine Dion asked the decoration to be in white with no fragrant flowers. “If there are any flowers, they should be not fragrant,” Peter said.

The promoter said it had not found it difficult to fulfill the singer’s special requests, but that it was a challenge to preserve the quality of food she asked for. Some of the food is not available in Indonesia. “There are items we had to import to meet her riders,” Peter said. “But her requirements are not unusual for a world-class singer.”

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