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Celine Dion "Encore un soir " New French Album Info 2016

Celine and her team finished the soon to be released French album "Encore un soir" last Saturday. According to La Presse there will be 12 songs on the regular release and 15 on the Deluxe Edition.
[and videoclip also will be filming in the coming days in Paris for the song "Encore un soir".]

From the 12 new songs we already had the privilege to hear 2 songs live at the tour, "Ecore un soir", written by Jean-Jacques Goldman and "Ordinaire"written by Robert Charlebois. The complete tracklist (not in order) is

“Encore Un Soir” written by Jean-Jacques Goldman
“Ordinaire” written by Robert Charlebois 
“Plus Qu'ailleurs” written by Francis Cabrel & Serge Lama 
“Ma Faille” written by Zaho 
“Je Nous Veux” written by Marc Dupre
“Les Yeux Aux Ciel” written by Florent Mothe & Mutine (music) & Grand Corps Malade (lyrics)
“Si C'était À Refaire” written by Jacques Veneruso
“À La Plus Haute Branche” written by Daniel Picard
“L'étoile”written by Florent Mothe & Mutine (music) & Grand Corps Malade (lyrics)
“Tu Sauras” written by Zaho
“Toutes Ces Choses” written Marc Dupré
“Le Bonheur En Face” written by Florent Mothe & Duo Mutine

Three more songs will be on the special edition. 
“À Vous” written by Zaho
“Ma Force” written by Vianney 
“Trois Heures Vingt” written by Eddy Marnay & Patrick Lemaitre (it is not clear if it will be a new recording)

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