štvrtok 30. júna 2016

Celine Dion in Paris June 30,2016

Hermès Rue Faubourg Saint Honoré &
Burberry, Faubourg St Honore
💎Djula Jewelry💎
When Celine comes to visit Djula in Paris 🇫🇷. She told me : "You have the best jewelry collection i have ever seen! I want all!!! ". I am so proud! She is in love with my collection! And Djula is in love with this amazing artist and magic women.
Thanks Celine to came to visit us. We ❤️U❣️ @celinedion #CelineDion #Djula #DjulaJewelry #DjulaTeamisTheBest 💖

What a honor and a consecration for me and the Djula Team to have met this incredible woman.
Celine totally fall in love with my collections and moreover the Barbedwire bracelets. She said to me "You rock the jewelry with those bracelets" 
Thanks again to the Queen for this memorable day!⭐️ Quel bonheur et quelle consécration pour moi d'avoir rencontré cette femme extraordinaire.
Céline est tombée amoureuse de mes collections et aussi de mes bracelets Barbedwire. Elle m'a dit "You rock the jewelry with those bracelets " Thanks to the Queen!⭐️
#Djula #CelineDion #DjulaJewelry 🇫🇷

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