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Alexandra Bastien surprises Céline Dion in Las Vegas 2017

VISUAL ARTS. For nearly a year, visual artist Alexandra Bastien has made a major shift in her career by devoting himself to bodypainting. After dazzling several artists already, it was the turn of Céline Dion to find itself speechless before the immense talent of the young woman disembarked specially in Las Vegas to surprise her.

Alexandra Bastien's original mandate was to make a portrait of the renowned singer on the body of her model, Vanessa Fournier, and then present the final result just before her appearance. However, a mishap came upset their plans and Celine could not meet young women.
"I think that kind of events will open doors to me and it pushes me to surpass myself" - Alexandra Bastien, artist

Disappointed, Alexandra and Vanessa decided to attend the show for which they had very good tickets and have fun despite everything.

"One minute after the show started, Celine noticed us and I explained to her what I had done for her. She flipped over and brought us on stage, even though it was normally forbidden. She could not believe I did that. I felt like a little girl of four years who did not realize what was happening, "recalls the artist
Body Artist Alexandra Bastien and her model Vanessa Fournier, surprised singer Celine Dion with a Body Painting while she was singing on stage at the Closseum, Caesers Palace in Las Vegas. Celine's reaction to the amazing Body Art is Incredible! Show 1046. Enjoy!
Body Artist: Alexandra Bastien
Model: Vanessa Fournier
Hairstyle: Coraline Gustave
Editing: DomRob Productions
Copyrights: Alexandra Bastien

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