sobota 19. marca 2016

Celine Dion New French Album Info 2016

One Song  by Serge Lama and Francis Gabrel for Celine Dion 
(The first single byJean-Jacques Goldman will be released in mid April 2016.)
From a short text by Serge Lama, Francis Cabrel wrote the love song " Plus qu’ailleurs", we hear on the next album of Celine Dion.

"Serge Lama is a friend with whom I correspond a lot and a lot of texts sent me to see what I can do," said Cabrel La Presse in a telephone interview earlier this week about this song 'completely dedicated to Celine. "

"I think his life to him is writing, therefore, a departure from a text by Serge that I was beautiful, I continued to write and I composed the music. " - Francis Cabrel

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