nedeľa, 20. marca 2016

Happy Birthday Maman Dion!

Today Celine's mother Thérèse Dion celebrates her 89th birthday today!

Thérèse Tanguay Dion, born March 20, 1927, popularly known as Maman Dion, is a Québécois television personality, and the mother of 14 children incuding singer Celine Dion.

She was born on the Gaspé Peninsula, in Saint-Bernard-des-Lacs, Quebec, as was her late husband, Adhémar-Charles Dion. Her parents were Antoinette (née Sergerie) and Laureat Achille Tanguay.

Already well known in Quebec as a stage mother involved in her daughter's career, she later launched her own line of food products, Pâtés de Maman Dion, and became host of a cooking show for TVA. She is also a sponsor of the Fondation Maman Dion, an educational foundation which provides school supplies, clothing and eyewear to underprivileged children .

I wish you all the best 
L’amour en héritage… Quoi de plus beau; quoi de plus grand; quoi de plus important. Merci, maman ! Bonne fête ! Je t’aime… 💕
The legacy of love…
Nothing is more beautiful. Nothing is greater. Nothing is more important.
Thank you Mom ! Happy birthday !
I love you. 📷 Gérard Schachmes

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