sobota 28. júla 2018

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ghislaine Dion July 28,2018

On July 28, 2018, we wanted to wish Ghislaine Dion, a very happy birthday and a very beautiful party for his 60th birthday. Ghislaine, ninth child of Therese and Adhémar Dion, is an accomplished musician; like his brothers and sisters, Ghislaine shares a great interest in music. She walks through scenes, festivals and concerts by their side.

In 2015, Ghislaine, then affected by cancer, fought, with the support of her own and managed to heal and combat the disease in 2017 Her perseverance and courage give hope and pride in her entire family.

Today, Ghislaine is a woman who is satisfied and blossomed by her love. Madame Dion will enjoy this beautiful weekend alongside her children Claude and Audrey and her grandchildren, Charles and Edward.

Happy Birthday Ghislaine Dion! 🎁🎉✨❤️
📷: Denise Truscello
Photo Credit: Productions Feeling

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