pondelok 2. mája 2016

Interview with Céline Dion: Julie Snyder disappointed to have been ruled out

Julie Snyder is disappointed to have been ruled out to conduct the interview with Celine Dion TVA finally entrusted to Marie-Claude Barrette. This is one of many revelations that The Moderator do yesterday "Tout le monde en parle".
Julie Snyder was in talks to conduct the interview with an open heart with the interpreterher first since the death of René Angélil, but finally Marie-Claude Barrette that won the contract. A surprising decision, since Julie Snyder maintains close ties with the artist for many years. Was it the choice of TVA or the Celine Dion team to change guard? Julie know. "It's not my decision," she said, adding that surprisingly, this is the team that has been set up around Celine Dion through the years (Stéphane Laporte, Jean Lamoureux) which had been chosen.

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