štvrtok 10. augusta 2017

Celine Dion European Summer Tour 2017

 The end of a magical tour! Thank you for being there, for singing and dancing with us...and for your never-ending love. 25 shows of pure fun...and a fantastic summer full of lasting memories for me to bring back home. Hoping we'll see each other again real soon. Until then, take good care!
- Céline xx... 📷  Denise Truscello   #celinedion #CélineDionLive2017 #denisetruscello 
 "Céline Dion #CelineDionLive2017 Tour Has ended... this has been such an incredible experience on so many levels. I got to work with one of, if not THE most incredible voices that ever sang on the planet... more importantly she's a truly incredible human being. She gave me the complete creative freedom to photograph her the way I see her, without questioning, without editing herself... she is beautiful, kind, classy, quirky, smart, hilarious, fearless, sensitive, extremely creative, hard working, classical, rock and roll... she is a giver. And the only way someone can be all that is through love. She respects and loves endlessly. I can't say enough about her entire team, they give 100% without question and they do because they love her, and she deserves it because she loves them... us. I might sound mushy right now but I'm ok with that because I want everyone to know how she is. 
There's a reason why she has the fans that she does, she loves them and they know it. I've met some of them this tour and they have all been so incredibly kind, some have even become my friends. I want to Thank them for adding to this amazing experience. Every aspect has been great... everyone I worked with has been outstanding... and I'll miss ever one of them. And to be in my favorite city in the world, Paris, through the tour was just an add on to the perfect tour. 
Thank you Celine... and Thank you to the Team and fans, I'll never forget this time I've spent with you all. ❤️Denise❤️ "-  Denise Truscello  📷

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