piatok 4. augusta 2017

Celine Dion : European Summer TourBook 2017

 Thank you so very much my dear friend for this amazing gift #célinedion #célinedionlive2017 #encoreunsoir #celinedionlive2017

So Happy to see you again !
"Another night...another time...and why not? I'm at a critical turning point in my life , but all is falling back into place. Listening to my heart ,in the turmoil of my travers and desires , I continue to grow . I allow myself this rendezvous with you . Tonight is the only moment that matters . Yesterday is gone , tomorrow is yet to come. I realize with time that we can see clearly only with the heart . Thank you for being in my life....Celine Dion"

"I want to be strong for my children , and my children are the ones who make me strong .
That is The Power of Love"

"It all stars here. Because , at the end of the day , the source of my life , my everything , is ... my family."

"Her performance is authentic ; she showcase all the love she has for these and strives to live up to their talent . It's a dauting task."

"I understood that my career was in a way his masterpiece , his song , his symphony . The idea of leaving it unfinished would have hurt him terribly . I realized that if he ever left us , I would have to continue without him , for him ."
"One only sees clearly with the heart."

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