utorok 23. februára 2016

Member of Celine Dion Team in Vegas Violinist, vocalist, artist Lisa Dondlinger Pay Tribute to Celine and René "The Prayer"

"For 4 years I had the distinct honor of working with Celine Dion and Rene Angelil, performing in their Las Vegas spectacular. I feel so very fortunate to be a part of their show business family. When I learned of Rene's death and the death of Celine's brother Daniel shortly thereafter, I knew I wanted to record a tribute of some kind. My good friend and collaborator, Chad Rehmann, suggested we record a simple but poignant version of The Prayer. Chad arranged this version, and what you hear was recorded without track or click and we did not even use headphones. Just 2 musicians, 2 instruments and microphones expertly placed by Tony Shepperd and Jeremy Underwood. I hope we created a little bit of magic to share with all of you. Big thanks to Jordan Downey for shooting and editing this beautiful video and to Tony Shepperd for mixing the single. And of course to Chad for not only arranging the music, but for playing even though he never wants to do it again!
Please consider purchasing the single as 50% of proceeds will go to the Azar-Angelil Research Chair for ORL Cancer.

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