štvrtok 18. februára 2016

René-Charles Angélil is right winger in the Storm Las Vegas.

President's Day Champs!!
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When he got home Sunday night, Celine was not there. She was working in the studio. However, she left him a note telling him he was her hero, she adored him, she kissed him.

René-Charles Angélil plays hockey for a little over two years, and the progress of the right wing in Las Vegas Storm is amazing. His team just won the tournament Washington's Birthday, Bantam AA, after defeating the Dragons Bakersfield (California), a team considered much more powerful than his. A final heavy and high in triumph 3:2. René-Charles was involved in all the goals of his team. A net and two assists in a wild game where it was emptied, where he gave everything he had.

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