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René Angelil : René, l’homme qui savait rêver by Dany Bouchard The editions of the Journal 2016

Dany Bouchard, René, l’homme qui savait rêver /Dany Bouchard, René, the man who knew how to dream

The image is as strong as rare. In a plane flying over America, a radiant Celine Dion tenderly embraces her husband, Rene Angelil.

 A photograph which shows wonderfully privileged access to the famous couple that have had the Quebec media and René recounts in his book, the man who knew the dream journalist Dany Bouchard, who followed Céline's career for 10 years Le Journal de Montreal and Le Journal de Québec.

"This session was conducted in 1998. It's great as a touching picture. What other artists have opened the way for photographers? I do not remember having saw one Madonna photo session in her private jet, "says Dany Bouchard.

So noting the richness of photographic archives of the Journal de Montreal, one of the few media to have stepped through Céline since its inception, the project of writing a book about Rene Angelil was initiated, the last fall, a few months before his death. Dany Bouchard claims not to have had the pretension to write a biography of Angélil, an exercise already conducted brilliantly by Georges-Hébert Germain. "I rather watch 25 facets of this man that people have discovered after his death or that people thought they knew. It leads them further through testimonials and excerpts of articles written over all these years. "

The journalist evokes such consuming passion of René Angélil for poker.
"I hear lots of people on his death saying," Wow, He was a poker player! "In our head of journalists is of the acquis. We knew he was playing for a long time and he loved it. We thought it was a side of him to explore. "
The passion of the fans
The author adds that he also paid tribute to the passion for Celine fans.

"Celine fans are fabulous people, who work very hard to radiate Rene, Celine and her songs. In the book, I chose to make them a snap to them and their efforts, by publishing excerpts from some of Celine songs that illustrate the topics. Fans gave themselves backwards to translate, the fairest possible way, the lyrics sung by Celine, and these are the words that are in the book. "

The First Facts

Although the proximity of the Quebec media and Dion-Angelil couple was without comparison in the entertainment industry, Dany Bouchard says  René was the powerful manager He has never sought to manipulate journalists.

"He knew very well the role of journalists. I have always greatly appreciated. That does not mean that I wrote only positive things about René and Celine. I wrote things that did not necessarily make enjoyment.

But from the moment it was true, that it was not tinged with bad faith or with bad intentions, he acknowledged that the work was done, and that was it. "

Now that René Angélil is no more Does that the Quebec press will have the same access to Celine?

"In my head, it is clear that a page has turned in the Quebec and international show business. Things will be done differently, for sure. It was a fairly sole manager, if only as by openness with the media.

Will we the same access? It's a thing. But is that Celine will always be herself, open, honest, sincere and accessible? I'm sure yes. "

Celine , before her was a Ginette 

René Angélil stroked of ambitious dreams for another voice from Quebec, Ginette Reno. It also recorded one of her most significant career albums, I'm just a song, then qu'Angélil was her agent.

The title song of this disc, composed by Diane Juster, became iconic of the great lady, and the disc surpassed the milestone of 385,000 copies sold, a record unmatched in Quebec for more than 15 years.

The Reno-Angélil association was short-lived and, in the end, the impresario thought of leaving the profession. "For me, it was the end of the world", he confided in 2007.

This step, however, was critical, because it maketh it bring forth other dreams, the biggest, wildest - not at home, but in the heart of another! An unfamiliar illustrates named Thérèse Dion.
Like a Elvis 

For guiding Celine, René Angélil is freely inspired by the style of Colonel Parker, the agent of his lifelong idol, Elvis Presley. "It's a legend that has marked a generation, he fell. And 30 years after his death, it still works. "

From a professional perspective, the similarities between Colonel Parker and René Angélil are numerous, whether their assurance to achieve success, their marketing acumen or their way of erect barrier protectress between their artist and dangers of the industry.

"René is a champion," Celine said in 2015, for the Taste of Life magazine while preparing her return to the stage. "I loved all my life. I do not want to sound pretentious, but I'm his favorite singer and he wants to see me on stage. "In a touching interview with USA Today in August of the same year, she told how she composed with the illness of his love "I'll tell René:" Are you afraid? I understand. Tell me about it "And René told me." I want to die in your arms "OK.. Perfect. I'll be there . You will die in my arms." 
René Like a Actor 
On the side of the big screen, René Angélil has played in the film After skiing, Roger Cardinal. This production from 1971 featured Daniel Pilon, Celine Lomez and Pierre Labelle, who was also Baronets.

Nearly 40 years later, Rene Angelil humbly analyzed his brief acting career: "It was Pierre Labelle and me, a scene of seven or eight minutes in after skiing, in a bar. It was very funny. Then a producer has offered the starring roles in The appearance. Although there were plenty of big names in the credits, it was a terrible flop. "

l should wait several years before René Angélil accounts before the cameras of a movie set. Impressed by producer Denise Robert, he agreed to lend his face to the character of Dominic Fagazi, a Mafia godfather in the movie Omerta, released in 2012
Celine with the American Actor Michael Duglas 

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