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EXCLUSIVE - Celine Dion in Las Vegas: the confidences of her manager


A few hours of the return of Celine Dion at Caesars Colosseum in Las Vegas (at 4:30 am French time), our special correspondent in Las Vegas attended the press conference Aldo Giampaolo, the new manager of the star.

We are a handful of journalists, the twelve in total, invited to come eat breakfast at Caesars Palace, in a place adjacent to the Colosseum, the capital hall seats 4148 -specially built in 2003 to welcome Celine Dion.

Producer Aldo Giampaolo who took over from René by his very commitment since 2014 and the director of Francine Chaloult communication are placed over coffee to answer questions that burst. Tuesday evening, the show will resume on January 13, the eve of the death of Rene Angelil.

 A ten-minute tribute was planned specially for the show in the evening. Aldo Giampaolo explains that enchainer a film about love and career chronicling Rene for three minutes followed by a few words of Celine, of course, and the exceptional performance of "One More Look At You" from the movie 'A Star Is Born' ,which was once sung by Barbra Streisand in eponymous film.
 Fans can watch this live tribute on celinedion.com but the rest of the show will remain private. The cameras and cameras will be confiscated. The team is very united around the star the producer described "stressed" but still happy to go on stage, allowing him to avoid his temptation to "spleener". Several times during the conversation, it reaffirms that "that's what René would have wanted." The latter would also "planned Celine's career more or less for the next three to five years", according to Aldo Giampaolo.
With two albums in preparation, in English for year 2017 and one in French to be released next fall 2016 with Francis Cabrel and Jean-Jacques Goldman solicited to writing, Celine Dion will have something to do. It has already taken the records. And French artists could also be sharing the stage with her during a French speaking tour.

To the question "René-Charles, 15, he will take one day place of his father?" Aldo recalls children singers Tony Bennett and Tom Jones who took this path. But rather describes the teen as an athlete who excels in golf right now. "There was no question one minute delay the resumption of the show at Caesars Palace" reaffirms Aldo Giampaolo who believes that the tickets were sold within the first minute of their online marketing. "I'm here talking to you because, unusually, you do not have access to Celine but we had to communicate with the press. René would have said "The show must go on."

EXCLUSIVE: @celinedion's manager, Aldo Giampaolo, tells us that she is still in mourning but ready to return tonight 
It's going to be an emotional show @CaesarsPalace Tonight @celinedion returns & pays tribute to ‪#‎ReneAngelil‬ w/ a video of his life & song!

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