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Celine Dion in France Dimanche February 19, 2016

The star and television host known each other since their 18 years. Julie Snyder was very close to the husband of Celine Dion, who had given her his final fear ...

February 3, on stage at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, before 2,000 people who loved Rene Angelil, Celine Dion made again tribute to her husband, who died on 14 January. The singer closed the moving ceremony by saying: "It would have been so happy to know we all gathered here, telling stories, sharing memories, playing some of his favorite songs. Particularly in the theater, where it years ago, one of his dreams came true. "


This is his persuasion who had come back Celine on the front of the stage, which had left her in the summer of 2014 to work full time to her husband. In late August 2015, she had found her "home."

"I asked a very long time, Celine explained in the emission of TF1, 50 min. Inside  in September 2015. I told René:" Are you sure you want me back on stage? "he convinced me, like the first day. His argument was: "You are my favorite singer. I want you strong, I want you happy, I want you good. Go back to them. I'm fine." .It is therefore believed to exert the greatest wish of her husband, and in the hope her return with her audience might allay that the artist was back in the limelight. But alas, sometimes it was nice to do his best, we can not always even when you love passionately, what really lies from the heart of beings that we cherish the most. By believing in the depths of his being, bring joy and comfort to her husband, without realizing, this model wife gave birth a terrible anguish from the heart of René. This sad news, it is a very close person of the couple has revealed there is little to our fellow Paris Match. And this confession, do not hide it, must have had a terrible impact for Celine when she has read. 

Close to her
This is her best friend, Julie Snyder, host star of the Quebec television, which is the author of these shocking confessions. She knew Rene since he was 18 (she has 48 now), and met Celine, she loved like singer, through her manager ... (...)

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