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Celine Dion : L’énigmatique Céline Dion by Denise Bombardier April 2009

From the foreword by Denise Bombardier: "This woman became immensely rich, the singer who has sold the most records in the world, decided to make the accomplice public privacy, is a complex character Céline Dion lives in fusion. with her mother and son, she is proud to have known a man in her life, her husband René Angélil, a character as attractive and opaque that propelled the top of glory, it defends the values traditional family, it hides no skeleton in her closet and yet it remains a mystery. I followed nearly a year across the whole world. I saw her triumph in stadiums, lost her voice  during a week in Australia, I shared intimate moments with her and her family, I have observed with world leaders, Mandela to Sarkozy and I can say that this woman never loses her natural. Who is, she? "

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