piatok 1. apríla 2016

Celine Dion in duet with Maître Gims on her new French album 2016

Searching for a new breath for her upcoming French album, Celine Dion trusted Zaho but also ... Maître Gims. In great secrecy, the French rapper went into the studio to record a duet event.

Two months after the death of Rene Angelil, husband and his former manager, Celine Dion is back to work. One way for the singer to face adversity but also to honor the memory of him to whom it owes its international stature."I realized that my career was in a certain way his masterpiece, his song, his symphony to him. The idea that she could remain unfinished would have pained terribly "

Has she recently told with emotion. Supported by her family, the singer of 48 years is back in the studio recording her new songs that will form a new French album to be released before the end of the year. With an idea in mind: to find a new breath and modernize its repertoire.

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