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Celine Dion : This British Bulldog Can't Get Enough Of Celine Dion

Alfie, the British bulldog, likes nothing more than to lie down and watch Celine Dion perform.
His owner, 28-year-old Ffion Wyn Jones, accidentally discovered her six-year-old pet's fascination with the Canadian-born singer six weeks ago.

While browsing YouTube, Jones noticed that Alfie began acting strangely. She explains, "I was on my iPad on YouTube watching Olly Murs and it randomly went on to a Celine Dion video and he just went really still and sat down and just stared at her." She continues, “It was so funny.”
Jones, who lives in Wales, says that she is "in stitches" every time she sees Alfie watching Dion, and that now it's the only thing that calms him down at meal times.

When it comes to Alfie's favourite Dion song, Jones says, "He watches a lot of her songs but I think Immortality with the Bee Gees is his favourite. He definitely watches that one the most. I think it’s because they are quite high-pitched and Celine sings quite high too sometimes."

She adds, "I don't really know for sure - he just seems to love her."

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