utorok 26. apríla 2016

Celine Dion on TVA .... Without Julie Snyder

Celine Dion will confide for the first time into the deaths of her husband René Angélil to TVA but without Julie Snyder, I learned. The broadcaster has instead decided to give the interview the facilitator of emissions and Virages Deux filles le matin, Marie-Claude Barrette.

Is that a TVA of intention to dismiss her a gentle demon, the Banker of the contract will end this autumn following a 12th season? The decision is surprising, especially since the host maintains for many years a very close relationship with the clan Dion-Angelil and that Julie interviews with Celine cartonnent each time in listening to TVA polls . During his lifetime, Rene Angelil has always insisted that Julie conducts interviews with Celine. The two women are also not to baffle. Their last meeting in the antenna back to a special emission of the Banker, released in October 2013, but they are revised many times since.

This decision automatically excludes the Julie entourage of production of this interview, including his accomplices Stéphane Laporte and Jean Lamoureux, always involved in projects with Celine. Renowned for attracting confidences, Marie-Claude Barrette instead works with producers Jean-Marc Beaudoin and Bernard Fabi generally Company production. This interview, whose release date is not yet known, is certainly her biggest hit of her career. Of course, TVA Publishing will give coverage options to meet, especially in the magazine 7 Jours. Photo sessions are planned.

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