štvrtok 28. apríla 2016

Celine Dion: no new album in June

No offense to Celine Dion fans awaiting Celine next new album in French forward, leaving the performer's disk will not take place on June 17, as indicated by a ratio of Sony Music Global, published today ' hui. The office of Francine Chaloult, which handles media relations Celine Dion, confirms that this is false information. The release date of the new album has not been fixed nor that of first single.

However, we know that Celine Dion is currently in the studio with Humberto Gatica, disc director, sound engineer and longtime collaborator of the Quebec star. The musical director of the Celine Dion show in Las Vegas, Scott Price, revealed this information to Swingers Tuesday night on CBC.

The singer is also preparing its touring shows it will in the months of June, July and August in Antwerp (Belgium), Paris (France), Montreal and Quebec. After her next series of performances in Las Vegas, which will end on June 4, Celine repeated a few days in Montreal before leaving for Europe, said Scott Price, in an interview with Penelope McQuade.

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