nedeľa 17. januára 2016

Celine Dion & René in New Paris Match January 2016

Paris Match devotes its front and an outstanding record to Rene Angelil, husband and manager of Celine Dion, died Thursday from cancer. Eighteen pages of photos, texts and testimonies, including that of the friend of the couple, Véronic DiCaire that here exclusively.
"One day, in the most exclusive Vegas restaurant, René invites my husband, with whom he co-produced my show, and his staff, six or seven people. The butler present the card; Rene seized her and said, "Serve us all the dishes." Always think big and sharing. I met him through his son who was looking for a first part for the tour of Celine, "Taking Chances." And here I am, August 15, 2008, in Montreal, in a stadium of 25 000 seats. When I leave scene, he congratulated me, comforts me the time I found my spirits. René speaks softly, this gives an almost religious aspect to our discussions. He became my producer, I enter the great family Dion-Angelil.

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