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The contempt of little people - Denise Bombardier

René Lévesque, that Quebecers have admired and respected, would have known castigate all piss and vinegar, pedants and contemptuous that are made to judge events that we just went through with the death of René Angélil.

Mr. Lévesque once said: "Let us be wary of those who say they love the people, but who hate everything that people love."

Quebecers have personally experienced the death of the husband of Celine Dion, the national icon. Foreign observers have difficulty understanding what has lived here for a week. The collective identification phenomenon is well beyond adherence to popular music played by Celine. Well over a deposit of the values conveyed by the show business.

The traditional values of Quebec

The Dion-Angelil couples embodies the traditional values of Quebec: love, marriage, fidelity, family, friendship, all these realities abused in postmodern society.

The couple also embodies the success, success, wealth, cursed trio poses so many problems to Quebecers.

The couple never sought to distinguish themselves from ordinary people to enter the world of the powerful and stars. Instead, Celine and Rene have had folded in on themselves, surrounded by their loved ones, this intimate circle so small, a sort of no man's land of unknown "friends" self-appointed.

Artists and intellectuals who held this week about the limit of indecency on the couple and on the organization of funerals and who claimed to be ashamed of "what Quebec-there" were primarily found such that in themselves. People who can not stand the people imposing his taste, aesthetic choices, musical or moral outside their influence.

These elites are hazardous and sent by the people in the room where they are deployed and autocongratulent. It is they who want the people to choose what deserves to be popular or not.

Those nostalgic of a past era

They are the nostalgic for the time when art and creation were defined as those who "knew" who imposed their taste arbitrarily to exercise social control. This is good, this is bad. Is the motto of foodies of art that would be accessible to everyone.

Paradoxically, these haughty elites, draped in their factitious superiority, are of the same ilk as populist politicians who speak "people" practicing demagoguery and forget that by flattering the people, he also despises.

Throughout this week, we could see once again that artists loved by the public, as well as the known personalities often fail to formulate their thoughts in a proper language, precise and clear. During the funeral, evidence collected fell in the best case the anecdote when they were not simply moved or insignificant. But is it not the time to sit well decorum and solemnity situations?

Bravo Madam Denis Bombardier great article 

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