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The friend of the couple René Angélil and Céline Dion, Julie Snyder, has paid tribute to the mentor of the diva.

The food was his great passion. My warmest thanks I received from him was when I was doing him deliver dishes with Noura, Lebanese restaurant in Paris. He doted on this type of cuisine. He loved France because of the food! One of his favorite restaurants was the Sormani in Paris in the seventeenth.

He chose his hotels based on the quality of room service. And I remember an important conference call with him about a big TV special Celine. After eight minutes of conversation, he interrupted because the chief had just arrived and had to choose dishes.

It lasted half an hour, and I expect that he has completed his cook! It was incredible. In restaurants, he ordered the entire map and emerged with doggy bags because we could not eat it all. And there was no way we pay: it is always inviting him, he loved it!

At Christmas, we exchanged gifts distance. I sent for him and red pajamas for boys, embroidered with their name. They sent me a karaoke for my daughter, Romy, an Apple Watch for my son and a predefined amount credit card for my stepdaughter.


His great fear was dying when Céline was on stage. She was his favorite nurse. It was she who fed him, which managed the doctors who coordinated the visit, with the help of her assistant, Sylvie Beauregard. She even attended an operation in which he had been unblock an artery, a few years ago. It was really "Dr. Céline". And she was strong. I have almost never seen crack.

The day I knew that his days were numbered, it was in May 2014. René took me aside. He told me he was no longer the manager of Celine and passed the torch to Aldo Giampaolo. He looked fit, so I thought he would let go of the reins the time to do his chemotherapy, then he would resume. After a long silence, he replied: "No, if it was temporary, I would not mind Aldo and I would not ask him to move from Montreal to Las Vegas."

I realized he knew he was doomed. Céline, who was there, it was then served a glass of white wine to get the shock. We needed that. In autumn, it seemed to get better. In November 2015, he asked Aldo told me he loved me and thought of me. He could not tell me on the phone directly: her voice was so low that only the pas. C'est hear the last message I received from him. For me, next to the word "loyalty", I will associate forever the name of René. Although he is gone, that loyalty remains immortal. "

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