nedeľa 31. januára 2016

Omar Sy "in hearts of Celine Dion"


While it is in full promotion of his next film, Chocolat, Omar Sy has confessed on "Cà vous" Celine Dion was young. The actor spoke about his meeting with the international star, and paid tribute to her . 

A table facing Anne-Sophie Lapix, and surrounded by the chroniclers of the issue and Zem, the actor spoke of his childhood love for Celine Dion, and her record "Pour que tu m'aimes encore", the single is to this day still the best selling single of the French language in history .

"I totally assume I was in Celine Dion's hearts at the time of her album she did with Jean-Jacques Goldman. I gets off it, plus it was right when you listen to it in your bedroom…"

 He had also met Celine in Las Vegas. He took the whole family for this visit, which was welcomed by his 15 year old daughter.

"It was first known songs in English, and I made him discover his titles in French. She adores! "

This meeting took place before the death of Rene Angelil, husband and producer of Celine, which occurred on 14 January. Omar Sy wanted to support the singer in the hard times.

"A thought for her and her family because shortly after she experienced two tragedies ... I send her my sympathy and condolences"

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